Jeane George Weigel

Artist Statement

My work celebrates a love of light upon the land and is of this place, of Truchas. There’s a majesty and mystery, a deep and rich heritage, in these northern mountain villages that informs my art: thunder storms and thundering horses, wild sunflowers, meadowlarks and bluebirds, the cattle coming up from the valley in the spring and down from the mountain in the fall, silence, the dark of night, starlight, moon shadows, the coyotes and their songs, fences and gates made up of sticks and wire that have been patched and repaired decade after decade creating their own art form, the smell of rain moving across the valley, the junipers after a storm, sunlight casting its blue shadows on the snow in winter and washing out the grasses of the pasture lands in spring and summer, a trio of cultures that time has woven intricately together, traditional arts spanning generations… With my brush I endeavor to paint all of this in the sweeping and intricate vistas that represent my life here.