Sheila Mahoney Keefe

Artist Statement

Join Hand Artes Gallery as we celebrate 20 years of sharing Sheila’s work with you. The September 2017 show represents her newest works. Opening will be September 16 from 2 pm until 5 pm. Sheila Mahoney Keefe has lived a life of spiritual reflection and exploration, which is deeply rooted in her own journey in Roman Catholicism, as well as her travels to sacred sites as diverse as the New Grange in Ireland and Angkor Sheila’s works are as varied since she began her artistic work in woodcarving and sculpture and has moved on to painting and pottery. While many of her pieces are highly representational as her rebablos which are based on traditional Hispanic northern New Mexico art, she has also explored abstraction as a means of spiritual communication. Her collaborations with Fr. Mark Delery, OCSO , of Our Lady of the Holy Cross Abbey and with Fr Francis Dorff, O.Praem, the Norbertine Retreat Center, have given Sheila the opportunity to unite her images with their narratives.